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Marketing Management

Week Date Description Download
1st 28/10/2011  Introduction to Marketing   Introduction to Marketing.doc
4th 09/12/2011  Production Branding Strategy   Production Branding Strategy.pdf
6th 30/12/2012  Strategic Planning Implementation and Control   Production Branding Strategy.pdf

10/02/2012  Analyzing the Consumer Buying Behavior   AnalyzingtheConsumerBuyingBehavior.doc

09/03/2012  Pricing Products:Developing Pricing Strategies  PricingProducts.pdf

06/04/2012  Promotion Mix  PromotionMix.pdf

06/04/2012  Designing & Managing Integrated Marketing Channel  IntegratedMarketingChannel.pdf

06/04/2012  Dealing With Competition  DealingWithCompetition.pdf

06/04/2012  Marketing Suggestions  MarketingSuggestions.pdf


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